Thursday, April 18, 2013

Minecraft 13w16a and new launcher!

It is here! The new launcher and 13w16a it is one of the biggest updates in along time! This update includes the new Minecraft launcher (0.1) that lets you choose your version. The only version on the new launcher is the new 13w16a. Also this launcher is very very buggy and may not work for you, but it did for me.

New Minecraft launcher

The second main thing is the new Horses (Yes you did read that right!)! The only way to get them are too spawn them with a Spawn Egg. There are a bunch of different textures and fouls and donkeys (Mules). The Donkey has a chest on its back, possible to have it hold your items? There are also Undead and Skeleton Horses, but are only the texture files not actually in the game.

Carpet, Hay, Leaches, Horse Saddles and Horse Armor are also new. Here is the full change log:

  • Added horses, based on the work of John Olarte (DrZhark), of Mo’ Creatures fame
  • Added horse armor (iron, gold, diamond)
    • Crafted with six iron/gold/diamond, and a wool block

  • Added horse saddle
    • Crafted with five leather and three iron ingots

  • Added hay bales
  • Added leashes
  • Added carpets
    • Carpets are made using 2 of your desired colors of wool in a horizontal line

  • The “Respiration” enchantment now also helps seeing underwater
  • You can now rash blocks/items in a same block/item ID, but has to be an other value, in creative
  • Hidden Donkey textures found, in Horse texture file

  • And click HERE (Will open in new tab) to go to the Mojang post and download.

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